SO What is a neuropsychologist?


  1. We are psychologists who have expertise in brain function/dysfunction -- the specialized “neuro” expertise to be known as a “Neuropsychologist.”
  2. The goal of a Neuropsychologist is to provide assessments and treatment recommendations that focus on how brain function impacts daily living, work/school, relationships, mental health, and behavior to help our clients create improved strategies to cope and function in their daily lives.   
  3. A Neuropsychologist’s assessments take into consideration the “whole person,” including physical health, brain function, personality, gender, and culture.


The following metaphor illustrates what we do as Neuropsychologists:

  1. When your car is broken you take it to a garage mechanic who runs tests, including a test drive, to find out what is wrong
  2. Neuropsychologists occupy this role with brain function.  The Neuropsychologist takes “your brain” for a “test drive” to see how it is functioning and to develop recommendations and treatment to help you function in the “real” world, e.g., home, work, and the community.