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If you're here, you, or someone you know may be concerned about:


(1) a neurodevelopmental disorder, such as ADHD, epilepsy, or fetal alcohol syndrome; 

(2) an acquired brain disorder, such as traumatic brain injury or stroke;

(3) need a “differential diagnosis” to differentiate between depression and dementia, or an assessment looking at the cognitive consequences of psychiatric disorders and their medications;

(4) an interest in maintaining thinking, reasoning, and memory skills in later adulthood; or

(5) been told to pursue a neuropsychological evaluation or assessment (sometimes called “cognitive testing”) by your neurologist, primary care physician or lawyer.


Our professional neuropsychology services can address and answer these concerns.  Please click through our other pages to find out more about: 
    •    What a neuropsychologist evaluation includes
    •    Who we serve
    •    Out assessment services
    •    Our treatment services
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