Forensic Neuropsychology

NeuroWorks provide comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for adolescents and adults with suspected brain-based impairment.  We offer forensic neuropsychological evaluations for individuals involved in civil litigation, as well as worker’s compensation and disability claims. Assessments are available in both English or Spanish.  

We can be helpful in personal injury or medical malpractice cases where the injury may involve damage to the brain caused by issues including, but not limited to:

(a) physical trauma, e.g., car accidents, falls, assaults;

(b) toxic exposure, e.g., medications, pollutants, solvents;

(c) anoxia/hypoxia, e.g., partial drowning, cardiac arrest;

(d) infections, e.g., encephalitis, AIDS; and

(e) stroke, e.g., hemorrhage, embolism.  

Additionally, we can help determine a client’s competence to:

(a) sign contracts and will;

(b) manage money;

(c) drive a vehicle;

(d) give consent for medical treatment; and so forth. 

Forensic neuropsychological evaluations can be useful to document, characterize, and quantify suspected brain damage, including cause and extent of impairment, prognosis, and need for future care.  Additionally, assessment results can help guide treatment planning based on the client’s strengths and weaknesses.  

If needed, we can be called upon to provide expert testimony about the evaluation and its implications for the client’s legal case.  In addition to consulting with us for a full evaluation of a client, we offer consultations regarding whether a case might be worth pursuing, the viability of a case, strategies for dealing with other expert witnesses, and so forth.  

Fee schedules and CVs provided upon request. 

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