Aeromedical Evaluation

Pilots and pilot candidates may be referred for a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation as part of their Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) medical certification. This process typically involves a complex evaluation looking at numerous factors including cognitive processing capacity (e.g., attention, memory, thinking speed), psychiatric/emotional factors (e.g., anxiety, depression, personality style), and behavior factors (e.g., substance use). The purpose of these evaluations is to assess for potential neurocognitive and/or psychological difficulties that may interfere with flight performance or flight training.

Our office provides such testing with the full understanding of all the tests and criteria required by the FAA. We are licensed to provide the CogScreen® Aeromedical Edition, if required.  Additionally, we accept referrals for Tier II assessments to assist with the selection of air traffic controllers. Dr. Mann have completed HIMS training.

Information for Pilots

Contact us when you learn the FAA has required you to complete an evaluation. Being proactive will expedite the process. It is essential that you gather all of your FAA and medical records to bring to the appointment. Alternatively, these documents may be mailed directly to our office in advance.
If you are having a neuropsychological evaluation, be prepared to spend between 5- 8 hours at our office. It is possible that the exam may extend into a second day. Psychological evaluations (without neurocognitive testing) may take between 3-6 hours.

*Insurance will not cover these evaluations.